Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Reds Wrap Things Up in a Nice Little Package

America's team finished the season one a two-game winning streak to wrap things up 6 under .500. Sure, it's another season with more losses than wins but the team looked pretty good heading down the finish line. Perhaps aided by their opponents having given up or perhaps just due to their strong play. Dusty knows how to win the games that nobody care about.

Cueto evened his record Saturday with an adequate final start and Bailey continued his string of high quality starts. Votto got his average over .320 and B. Phill, after taking a week or so off from driving in runs, knocked in three Sunday to bring him within 2 of his goal of 100. Arbitrary as the RBI stat is, it's good to have personal goals. On a more positive, Taveras was able to meet his goal of the 1000th time that a fan yelled 'why is he in the game.' Congratulations Willy.

The Reds Rocket will return within the next few days to wrap things up into an even tighter package. One you'll need a scissor or perhaps scissors, to open.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Reds Look Forward to Season Ending

The Reds Rocket apologizes but an unavoidable trip to Salinas, California conflicted with my otherwise necessary duties. Salinas, for those of you who have not been, is responsible for 80% of the lettuce grown in the US, is the birthplace of Steinbeck and has almost triple the national murder rate. So, for those of you who weren't shot dead and left in a lettuce field following your reading of the first two sentences, hello Salinas. Thanks for your hospitality. Next time maybe I can be a part of or witness one of your famous murders.

Reds played some nice ball the first two games against the Cardinals, who pretty clearly, don't care about the remainder of the season. Bailey looked good against and Arroyo followed it up with a gem for his 15th win of the season. Pine tar and all (go fuck yourself Duncan). Kipster didn't look quite as great yesterday, getting blown out of the yard by the opposing pitcher. At least Carpenter had never hit a homer before, so it will give him some reason to remember Kip Wells. Most of us don't have that opportunity. Who? And today, the offense disappeared against the Pirates. At least they have two more beatings to administer. Cueto on the hill tomorrow, Bailey in the finale. Many things to look forward to Reds fans, depending upon your feelings regarding meaningless games at the end of the season. Of course my feelings are both sadness and optimism.