Thursday, November 11, 2010

Clockin' Lots of Dollars, We All Got Gold

Big day yesterday for the Reds defense as three of the position players will be wearing gold gloves on fat gold chains around their neck - B. Phill, Arroyo and Rolen. Rolen, perhaps, was a legacy pick but, number 8 is number 8. He's running out of space in his trophy room to keep all of gold-plated awards. He still has a little ways to go to catch Brooks Robinson at 16 defensive awards but I'm pretty sure he can catch Mike Schmidt and his 10.The award was Phill's second and the first for main man Bronson Arroyo.

So, for 2010 the Reds Rocket will ignore the arbitrariness of Gold Glove award, its complete disregard of most statistical analysis, and wholeheartedly support the system. When Reds are the winners of anything, it demonstrates that everything is working. With the notable exception of Bruce getting the shaft. That was gross error.

Arroyo plans to mount his on the front of his boat. Rolen is going to donate his to charity and Phill hasn't decided what to do with number 2. Probably just keep it under his hat just in case anyone wants to talk about Chase Utley being the best defensive second baseman in the league. "Oh really, I think the answer to that question lies under my weave cap."