Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Reds Only Need Half Team to Beat A's in Game that Doesn't Matter

The Reds Rocket was fortunate enough to be able to disappear from work for a couple hours yesterday without anyone noticing, or caring, and take in some of the A's/Reds game. The squad was split, half heading down to Tempe's Devil Stadium to lose to the Angels. Of note, in addition to the two bombs (Gomes and Alonso), was an umpire getting lit up by a Valaika line-drive up the middle and of course a possible appearance by everyone's favorite former Red, Joe Morgan. Of course it could have been another 60-ish black guy with a mustache looking like he would probably be a big dick if you approached him to tell him that you were sorely disappointed to see that he was replaced on ESPN as his commentary was always so insightful. I'm pretty sure it was old number 8. And he was sitting next to Jocketty, or possibly some other old white guy eating ice cream that looked just like the GM. You just can't be too sure about these things, especially if you're only going to stare at them from a safe distance of about 50 feet. It could have been Anthony Hopkins and Carl Weathers. The Reds Rocket is notable for only employing those with strong eye sight. Next time I'll bring the photojournalism crew.

Back to the game, Leake started and looked hittable. He only gave up the one run but the A's offense is super brutal. I'm sure he was working on a thing or two, so it doesn't matter. He'll be ready for that inevitable long-reliever role at the end of spring training. The offense looked good, especially once Gio Gonzalez left the game and Brett Anderson entered. Nice to see Alonso show a little power, especially off a same handed pitcher. Gomes homer was a shot. Looked like it was heading into the mountains. Speaking of brutal, Gomes' haircut makes him look homeless. In a good way. It's brutally good, like the A's offense. That's all that I can remember for now. It's an exhibition after all, you're not supposed to pay very close attention. Oh, and Jordan Smith looked winded after running about half a sprint. I think that's the kind of shape a big-league reliever is supposed to be in. Just ask Dave Weathers.

I'll tell Joe and Walt that everyone says hello and talk with you again soon.

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