Thursday, October 7, 2010

At Least That's A Game Everyone Will Remember, Phills 4-0

Though that probably wasn't the way that everyone on the Reds side of the ball wanted things to start. I'll do my best Tim McCarver impression "as good as Halladay was, that's just as not good that Edinson Volquez was." Eddie didn't make it out of the second, fortunately Travis Wood was ready and continued to dominate the Philly offense. Holding your opponent to 5 hits over the course of a game is pretty good. Nice job bullpen. Bill bray even got 4 outs. But, when you're not going to get any hits it's difficult to make up 4 runs. And the Reds were unable to do so. Also, they get to face Roy Oswalt next start and you know that they always hit him well. Speaking of Roy Oswalt, can you think of any other teams or professions where there are two Roys both employed. "No, I mean the other Roy." I picture Tyson chicken having a lot of Roys in there chicken slaughtering facility. But I've never been to a chicken slaughtering facility, so that opinion is unsupported.

I have a hard time believing that when the Reds get to game 4, which they will, Dusty's going to run Volquez out there again. But we'll have to see. Arroyo's dominance tomorrow night will make that consideration a lot more relevant. Dusty gave a toothpick-waiving rant following the game, so I think the team, especially the offense, will be all ready to go.

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