Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall League Update

The picture to the right, as I'm sure that very few of you can tell because of my professional quality photo-journalism is some documentary evidence of the Reds Rockets' trip to the Arizona Fall League game yesterday. That's Kris Negron and Dave Sappelt, who hit 1-2 yesterday, preparing to put together some high-quality at bats in front of the crowd of nearly 750 people. The Reds Rocket, depending upon varying levels of laziness, which can occasionally be miscategorized as business, usually makes it out to the park (Scottsdale is the most convenient for me, then the Reds Rocket can hit the club) about 10 times per fall. The Reds squad visited Scottsdale yesterday, so I took a few photographs to pass along to everyone.

Just to give a bit of background, feel free to tune me out and pick up at the paragraph below if you're familiar with the league, the Fall League consists of 6 teams: Scottsdale Scorpions, Phoenix Desert Dogs, Mesa Solar Stars, Peoria Saguaros (large cacti), Peoria Javolina (large pig), and Surprise Rafters. The Reds, as well as some other teams I care less about, are on the Saguaros this year. The Reds, as I previously stated, are Sappelt, Negron, Devin Mesoraco, James Avery, Jeremy Horst, Phillipe Valiquette, and recent addition Daryl Thompson. Both games I've seen the Reds play Mesoraco, who I'm most interested in watching, has gotten the day off. Here's a photo of his work from yesterday:

 Looking good out there Devin. So, far this Fall, he's swinging it at a .268/.279/.463 clip with a bomb, 5 doubles and a solid 4 passed balls. That may not necessarily the defense the Reds are looking for in their starting catcher for next season and 1 walk in 42 plate appearances isn't ideal either.

The Reds' opposition, Scottsdale, features noted jabrony, Bryce Harper. Harper's on the "taxi squad", meaning he's only eligible to play Wednesdays and Saturdays. Being that yesterday was Saturday, that's where the extra 650 people came from. Here's a picture of his eye-black warming up:

And here's a picture following his first at-bat:

He hit a rocket to right and the right fielder didn't even move. Later in the game he was doubled off first, he'd singled, on a relatively routine floater to short.

So, there you go. It's like you were at the game with me. Only you didn't get to enjoy any of the clever commentary which undoubtedly accompanies a trip to the ballpark with the Reds Rocket. And, of course, Aaron Miles jerseys were everywhere - just like at any MLB ballpark.

Good to see you all again.

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