Thursday, March 29, 2007

To preview this year’s club, I’ve broken the team down positionally into categories of how they can best benefit me. I believe this is the best and most relevant way to preview any team.

2. Which Reds catcher would like to learn the banjo so we can start a bluegrass band?

David Ross: As of today, it looks as if the Reds will keep the formula of last season and retain three catchers on the roster. The majority of the time will go to Ross (.255/.353/.579) who showed some power (21 bombs) and did a good job behind the plate (threw out 14 of 31 potential basestealers, 45.2%). The Reds are paying him a shade over a million and a half, which seems like a bargain if he approaches the numbers from last year. Also, Ross is a southern boy, born in Georgia, attended Auburn for a couple of years, then on to the U. of Florida. But being careful not to stereotype all southerners as country music and NASCAR loving hillbillies, we’ll assume that Ross listens to sweet soul music and has never even touched a banjo.

But seriously, look at this picture and tell me he’s not just about to say one of these things:

1. Hoo boy, when those ribs gon’ be done?
2. Did you see Jarrett out there today? #88 tore that track up!
3. You call that banjo? Boy, get on up outta’ heah.

Javier Valentin: last year, with Jason Larue and the acquisition of Ross, Javy saw a cut in his time behind the plate. But you know what he thought? “No big deal, gives me time to think.” Time to think about raking righties (.286/.318/.476) and winning ballgames (tied for the league lead in pinch homers with 4). Time to think about throwing out 43% of potential basestealers (6/14). Time to think about his brother Jose’s moustache. But unfortunately for the author, also time to think about his one true passion, salsa music.

Chad Moeller: since the Reds seem intent on keeping a third catcher on the roster, the title this year goes to Chad Moeller, signed to a one year deal in the offseason. I don’t personally know that much about Moeller, other than his statistics, which look something like this over the last three years:

2004 Mil 101 317 25 66 13 1 5 27 21 74 0 1 .208 .265 .303

2005 Mil 66 199 23 41 9 1 7 23 13 48 0 0 .206 .257 .367

2006 Mil 29 98 9 18 3 0 2 5 4 26 0 0 .184 .231 .276

Pretty solid. His success against potential basestealers is similarly underwhelming, 21% thrown out last season. I can only think of one explanation for the signing, the guy can play the shit out of a banjo. Looks like we’ve found a winner. The final question is whether he’d like to be Cephus or one of the Tennessee Top Hats.

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Chris at Redleg Nation said...

Hoo boy, when those ribs gon’ be done?

The correct usage is "them ribs."