Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Dream Of Dusty

It's time again for everyone's favorite wise-cracking manager and his magician wife, in the Dusty and Char Baker Variety Hour...

"He'll coach your team and kill your dreams, he learned that back in school. See my gloves, it's me you love, now it's Dusty's rules! Doo doo doo doo, duh."

This week: Dusty's big press conference (or alternatively, Dusty's Back in Business Bitches). Will the media and fans welcome him in Cincinnati or send him back home to mama? (this week also features.....extra small writing. Yeah!)


The Last Unitard said...

Glad for the return of the Rocket.

Let it be the beneficiary of many deadspin blogdome bumps this season.

Also, let Dusty turn our young pitchers' arms to shredded wheat and let Corey Patterson start and lead off every game, while posting a sub .250 OBP.

Also, let Kriv-dog trade Jay Bruce for a case of donkey treats.

Petey Hendrix said...

*deafening applause*