Monday, March 31, 2008

Reds Open Season Not Great, Snakes 4-2

While there still isn't much question that this is the year the Reds set the record for most wins in baseball history, enroute to convincing World Series victory, they didn't look all that great against the Snakes today.

Harang threw the ball well enough but gave up a couple of home runs, one to Chris Young and another to a party whose name I'd prefer not to repeat. The offense looked like they need Miguel Tejada to give them a B-12 shot in the ass, managing only three hits off Brandon Webb (one by Harang - he's dangerous), who is a liar, and the pretty good Snake bullpen. Encarnacion opened the year with a throwing error in the first which lead to an unearned run, so don't be surprised to see Juan Castro and his crossed eyes (fell down a well, eyes go crossed) get the start tomorrow. Hopefully, he gets kicked by a mule in the interim.

After a much-deserved vacation tomorrow, Wednesday, we have much to which to look forward. Arroyo takes the hill. Conor Jackson should be in the lineup again and his one hit of the week is out of the way. And won't have to see Webb again until at least September. The offense has some big plans, starting with you Corey Patterson. Big plans for Wednesday, indeed.

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