Monday, July 11, 2011

Futures Game

Yesterday the Reds Rocket had the good fortunate of attending the Futures Game at Chase field. You will see from my professional quality photo that I was able to capture both Reds players in one photograph, which may or may not have been on accident. Mesoraco started at catcher for the American team and Alonso at first for the evil foreign empire. 

Alonso hit in the three hole, which is probably in that rookie contract he signed with the Reds and got four at bats. He walked twice and recorded a couple of outs. Mesoraco singled and volunteered to take one for the team in an exhibition game. That takes a lot of dedication. There were a lot of interesting non-Reds players and action but I won't bore you with that as I'm sure you don't care. So, I'll attach one of the other photos I took - the mascots' planned revolution and resulting bloodbath was overcome by their desire to shake it to a song I couldn't place blaring in the sound system. Also, Bernie Williams played the anthem on the guitar. He made some jazz guitar 'feeling the music' faces but kept the amp at 9.5, instead of 11. For those of you who were unable to attend, I am sorry for your misfortune. Next year maybe.

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