Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jay Bruce Learns the Importance of Putting the Ball in Play, Pirates 1-0

Or maybe he didn't, who knows. But with the bases loaded and only one out in the 7th, Bruce was summoned from the bench on his day off. He was probably working on his tan in the clubhouse tanning bed or thinking about the many products he'd like to purchase with his off-season extension. Those are both very important pursuits. The Pirates removed the starter, James McDonald, who was for some reason, pretty good, and brought in Joe Beimel. Beimel is what is termed a 'lefty specialist', though his numbers are far from special. He was allowing over a hit an inning and has already surrendered three bombs (presumably all to lefties) in 19 innings. Jay did not put the ball in play, opting instead, for a strike out leaving everyone where they were. Of course this all would be moot if Stubbs had done something other than ground to 1st to register the 3rd out but he didn't. I wasn't listening to the game at the time but am sure that Marty was reaffirming his hatred for every member of the 2011 Cincinnati Reds.

Leake, as is starting to become the norm with the starters, was good. He went 6 allowing just 2 hits and the lone run. He even picked up one of the four hits that McDonald allowed. The offense helped him out a couple of times earlier in the season, so I don't feel too bad for him having to eat the loss on account of the bats adding 9 more innings to the current 18 innings scoreless drought against the Pirates. Very few other highlights. Phillips is 1 for his last 22. That's noteworthy, though not really a highlight

Cueto takes the hill today and the Reds take the final game of the series. They have got things figured out and are ready to generate some runs. Lots of them. I read on the rumor page Jocketty is allegedly targeting both Coco Crisp and Chone Figgins. Presumably they have big homes with nice swimming pools for the team to host post-game parties, because I don't see any reason, baseball-wise, to acquire either. I think the current leadoff guys can get on base 30% of the time just fine. 

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