Sunday, July 24, 2011

Reds Cheat Braves Out of a Series (Mr. Redlegs also gives them small pox), Reds 4-3

Pretty exciting conclusion to the Reds/Braves season series this evening on the Worldwide Leader. Getty Images really does a nice job capturing photographic evidence of Reds' game winners (for the Reds Rocket to use, fairly under U.S. copyright law, of course). I guess that's what happens the year after winning a division, people care a little about your team.

Friday, after a tough series in Pittsburgh, the bats finally showed some signs of at least thinking about being productive. They scored 4 on one of the NL's most effective first half pitchers, Jair Jurrjens. All came via the home run, Cozart's solo shot, Lewis' two-run variety in 6th which was followed by Stubbs' 12th. The 4-3 lead, however, evaporated and Masset quickly untied the game in the 9th with a two-run bomb allowed to Uggla.

Saturday and Sunday concluded properly. After Bailey labored through 6 (though his line didn't look all that bad, 6 with just the 2 allowed with 5 hits and 3 walks, it sure seemed like there were more than 8 people on base and Bailey operating in molasses mode didn't do anything to counter that feeling) the offense scored 3 for him in the 6th and then more runs than the entire Pittsburgh series (7) in the 7th. Phill had a couple of run-scoring doubles. Renteria, who replaced Cozart, whose elbow bent a direction it shouldn't bend when attempting to field a throw from Votto which sliced the into the runner) had a couple of hits and three driven in and Todd Frazier, who is acting as Rolen's replacement during his second tenure on the DL, had a bases loaded-bases clearing double. Bailey got the W and everyone, other than Braves' starter Derek Lowe whose stat line the loss was hung on, went home happy. Today, Willis turned in another effective start, going 6.1 and allowing only 3 runs. Phill hit a two-run bomb in the 1st, Cairo a solo shot in the 2nd and Stubbs, a walk-off shot off Scott Linebrink in the 9th. The offense, otherwise, did little. But if you're going to hit three runs every game, that should be sufficient. Coco, who appeared to anger the natives by allowing a lead-off single (A. Gonzalez) and going 2-0 on Eric Hinske, settled in and appeared to endear himself to the locals by coming back to strike out Hinske, not to mention old nemesis Brooks Conrad (Conrad, not to tell everyone something they already know, which I'm going to do anyway, hit the walk off grand slam last year that glanced off Nix's glove and put the finishing touches on a 8-0 blown lead). Chapman had a nice series, he induces a double play tonight in the 7th and looked strong in the 8th. He is looking like he will be a real asset down the stretch.

Things continue tomorrow with the Mets and R.A. Dickey. Not only do the Reds love the sir name Dickey but they rip knuckle balls all day long. Should be a equally fulfilling series from the Reds' perspective, beating on a good team at home to energize the media and local fan base. Big things are starting. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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