Monday, July 4, 2011

Reds Fall to Scourge Carpenter, Cardinals 1-0

After an underwhelming weekend series at home against the Indians, Reds opened up with the Cardinals today with not a lot of offense, symbolized by the chimp operating the plunger, to the right. Though, that ape's Evel Knievel jumpsuit certainly does not symbolize inadequacy. That thing is solid.

Cueto went the full game, 8 innings in this instance for the second time this year, allowing only a pinch-single in the 8th which brought in the only run of the game. He struck out 0 over the 8 full innings, which, is something considering he was throwing in the mid-90's and dominating. There was some good defense behind him, a good throw and a good catch by Ray Jay Bruce. Speaking of Ray Jay, his opponents in the NL determined that he, along with B. Phill and Votto, were deserving of a trip to Arizona to take part in the All-Star Game. Congratulations to all those guys. Though Bruce has been struggling with the bat a bit, the Reds Rocket feels he was deserving of the major award. And my opinion is what counts, especially when it comes to home town bias. In fact, there probably should be a few more Reds enjoying the 115 degree temperatures next week. But the 15 hot dogs I ate today mandate me keeping this post short so that I can roll around in discomfort while I try and fall asleep. I need to be my best at the cracker factory bright and early tomorrow morning.

The Reds get two more versus the Cards, Volquez tomorrow, followed by 4 with the Brewers before they call an end to the first half of the season. A win today would have been pretty alright but they'll just have to win the next 6 to go into the break in the first spot. No big deal. Or, if they don't, they'll just dominate the second half, which is also no big deal. Some talk of Arroyo's back, which must have been acting up against the Indians when he got lit up on Saturday, pushing him towards the disabled list. The talk, coming from reasonably reliable Mark Sheldon, implies that the D-Train may be on his way up to take Bronson's spot in the rotation. His, D-Train's, agent was popping off that he's ready to go. So, maybe he is. I'm sure he has no ulterior motives for making such a statement. Lots of options in the rotation, through it hasn't really been a problem spot lately. I'd be interested in someone getting a couple of hits, followed immediately by another guy in the lineup getting a couple of hits. Then doing that on a semi-regular basis. We'll see what happens. Reds turn it around tomorrow.

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