Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hanigan's Back Hurts a Little Less After Yesterday, Reds 4-3

The Reds finally decided winning an inter-league series was worth their time, taking 2 of 3 from a pretty good squad down there in Florida. They beat James Shields yesterday for, those of you who pay little attention to the AL, like me, has been pitching pretty well. He had completed his three starts, prior to yesterday, allowing only a single run over the 27 innings. But the potent Reds offense got to him twice with two outs. The first was Hanigan's big knock. After Bruce and Gomes k'd, which Bruce has been doing with some regularity lately, Hanigan took one over the fence in left for a 3-0 lead. It was Hanigan's first bomb since way back against Milwaukee when he hit two. He must have gotten a massage before the game. Probably from Renteria. That guy's hands are like velvet. Prior to yesterday, it appeared as if the condition of his condition was going to land him on the DL. Glad to see that it didn't. The second two-out hit was Fredo Lewis. He didn't strike it particularly well but it got into left and provided the Reds

Volquez made a nice start as well. For the most part he kept the Rays off base. Of course, Longoria's double followed a walk which fits into the equation. He later gave up a bomb to Upton to keep things close but Ondrusek was quite a bit better yesterday. Bray, who is consistently good, was good. And Coco shut the door with only allowing the one base runner. I realize the numbers are somewhat deceiving, especially because everyone still remembers the grand slam Ondrusek gave up to Matt Kemp where he was only charged with one run, but all three guys have ERA under 2. With Masset throwing well and Chapman apparently headed in the right direction - pretty solid pen. Now if Arredondo could find his way to some lower leverage situations, maybe only coming in when up  by 7 or down by 3.

The team takes one off today before starting up at home against the Savages tomorrow. Arroyo v. Masterson, the match-up for which you've been waiting. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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