Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Reds Are Good Again, 4-3

Reds decided late that they were not going to lose the series to the Brewers. But a late decision to start swinging the bats with some authority is better than their recent trend of deciding late to lose games.

Shawn Marcum was pretty good for 6, limiting the Reds to just two hits. In the 7th, Votto got the second of his three hits and Bruce followed it up with his NL leading 17th bomb to right. It was a shot. Then in the 8th, Kameron, with a 'k', hit Phillips with two outs before giving up an absolute rocket to center off Votto's bat. There had been a little gap between homers number 6 and 7 for Joey Jo-Jo, his last bomb coming on the 22nd of May, which was his lone homer of May. He donated the majority to Bruce. There was not any question about where Loe's sinker, which didn't sink, was heading. After Votto touched home plate, the Reds were up 4-3 and Coco nailed things down for his 300th career save. The Reds Rocket considered putting together an interesting graphic to recognize the achievement but was overwhelmed by laziness. At least I'm making note of it now.

Leake, excepting the third lead off home run by Weeks this year and a triple from Niger Morgan in the 1st was pretty good. He went six, didn't walk anyone and left down three but down three is not so bad if you're giving the bullpen a little rest. Arredondo pitched a nice 1 and a third. Bray got into some trouble but Masset bailed him out. He, Masset picked up his first win of the year (to go along with 3 losses) for his hard work recording the one strike out of Corey Hart's cro magnon beard. The team gets a break tomorrow after 20 straight days of games before welcoming the Dodgers and Cubs to town. Both present very beatable opposition. Dusty is ready to begin a long winning streak, which may or may not be followed by a lengthy losing streak. Cincinnati is very pleased this evening. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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