Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Reineke Takes Mound - That Concludes the Highlights, Brewers 7-2

The Reds road difficulties appear to have followed them home, though, last night's game did feature a very limited bullpen for Dusty to overutilize. Chad Reineke making his first start for the Reds which is probably a big deal since he's from Ohio, sent all of his friends and family in attendance home with a big shrug of their shoulders. 'Well, at least he got a start." They'll say. And he sure did, he got a chance to start.

He went 6 and 2/3rds, which was one of the terms of his call-up. He did, however, walk 5 and give up 6 runs over his allotted time. Corey Hart's horrible looking beard was the main problem, hitting a three-run bomb in the 3rd, after Renteria was nice enough to start the inning off with a two-base error, to give the Brewers and anxiety-ridden Zach Greinke a 4-1 lead. Reds had an opportunity to slime back into it in the 4th with the bases loaded and no out but Reineke, as pitchers are wont to do, grounded into a double play. Dusty blamed his inability to pinch hit for the pitcher in the situation on the lazy bullpen, unwilling to pitch with "sore" arms. Bunch of babies. Apparently, Ondrusek, Fisher and Arredondo all had lines through their names on the score card with frownie faces drawn in bright red marker. Dusty muttered something about Mark Prior every time he walked past that part of the dugout. So, it was just Reineke and recent Louisville teammate Jeremy Horst manning the mound.

Leake gets the start in the rubber match today. He has alternated between good and terrible, so the bullpen may get a chance to re-tire their arms today. Hopefully that's not the case. Bruce celebrated his player of the week award with an RBI single yesterday to give the Reds the lead in the first. That's the lone offensive highlight. For those of you without one of those umpire counters in your pockets for Bruce's statistics, he finished May with 12 bombs and 32 rib-eyes. Pretty solid. Reds take the series today.

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