Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finally An Opportunity to Use the Jonny Gomes in a Sombrero Stock Footage, Reds 5-0

I suppose I can use it whenever I want but since he's wearing a Devil Rays jersey, it seemed most appropriate to post it when the Reds play the Rays. Preferably when Gomes does something positive. So, the stars finally aligned. Reds looked good in Tampa and Gomes hit a bomb off the catwalk. everything is right in the world.

The key to the victory, well I guess who's to say what the actually, lone "key" was, but I posit to you a couple of runs in the 1st inning made a big difference. Fredo Lewis got an opportunity to dance in the first position and got on three times. That's not too bad and means we'll probably see him doing the same for the next several games. Though, I guess Price is on the hill tonight, so maybe that means Heisey plays left. I'm not real sure how Lewis hits Price but I assume that most lefting (at I suppose righties) fare poorly. Anyway, back to last night, after Lewis got on, Phillips drove him in with a double. Then Ray Jay decided to pick up his second hit of the month and knocked in run number two with a roller through the right side. Then they added on more runs, helped by the Rays' inability to play capable defense or run the bases in a normal manner. Gomes' homer didn't require help from anyone other than Rays' starter Jeremy Hellickson. That was a rocket shot.

Leake was also solid. He threw a lot of pitches limiting him to 6 innings, but those 6 were pretty alright. No runs allowed, a couple of strike outs and win number 7. Which I believe ties him with Arroyo. The two softest tossing starters are also the biggest winners. And probably the most fun at that beach party you're planning later this month. Remember, Arroyo has a boat and Leake has access to many things which may or may not belong to him. Some of the coolest people I knew in my youth were the best at stealing things. Keep that in mind. Reds are not scared by David Price and his "strong peripherals." Count on win 2 in the series tonight. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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