Friday, June 10, 2011

Reds Have Little Trouble with Giant Men with Glandular Disease, Reds 3-0

Reds put together a nice tight victory last night. Cueto went 7 without allow a run before turning things over to Masset , then Coco. The two relievers saw 6 batsmen and sat them all down. Reds win, just that easy. Cueto got his third of the season and has been very good through 7 starts this year. His ERA now sits below 2.00. Maybe those couple weeks off to start the season energized him.

The offense wasn't spectacular but functional. Jonny Gomes of all people had three hits. I do see that he's starting to grow his mohawk back. I thought we'd all agreed that the mohawk was the source of the extended slump. Maybe there was some miscommunication along the way. One of the three hits knocked in Rolen who was back from a sore throat. He went 1 for 3 with a double and that run scored. Votto k'd twice to start the game, making 5 in the last 2 days but figured it out shortly thereafter. He single and doubled and scored on a wild pitch. The Reds stuck the loss on Madison Bumgarner. Don't let him point to his one run allowed, he deserved that loss. There's a reason he has an ERA that low and a 2 and 8 record. The teammates don't like him. Though, even if they did like him, that is not a good lineup. Freddy Sanchez is officially the scariest guy in the order. Reds picked the right time to roll into town, though they'd be hammering the Giants even with the whole team out there.

Wood gets the start tonight against Ryan Vogelsong, who I'd just assumed got into heavy drugs and was living in a condemned house somewhere. I guess not. He will wish that's what he'd chosen to do after the beating tonight. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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