Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Reds Get Barbed Spike of the Devil Ray Right in the Heart, Rays 4-3

Disappointing loss for the Reds last night in that they actually played pretty well. Their losses more often than not are characterized one frustrating facet of the game - no offense or terrible starting pitching, for example. But last night, Price was pretty good but the Reds got to him. Stubbs tripled in the 7th, after looking completely over matched in his first two at bats to start the score. Renteria knocked in Stubbs for the go-ahead putting the Reds up 2-1. In the 8th, after allowing just 2 hits up until that point, Cueto allowed a couple of runner on and left after recording two outs. Bray, featured to the right, was summoned to face Damon. Damon, who'd homered earlier in the game, placed a blooper just about as perfectly as you can place one behind short in front of Heisey in left. Heisey dove and knocked the ball towards right field, allowing Fuld to score from 1st.

Fortunately, or unfortunately as it turned out, Bruce was ready to hit his second homer of the month. He took Farnworth over the centerfield wall to tie the game at 3. Ondrusek, however, quickly untied it when Eva Longoria hit his second pitch of the evening over the left field wall. All 10,000 fans were very excited, excepting the 4,000 or so Reds fans in attendance who feel like they've been mistreated when the Reds left Florida for Arizona.

Third game of the series today with the Rays today. Volquez hits the hill against James Shields, who has also been pretty good. Yet, while I'm talking about pitching, neither Price nor Shields has been as good as Cueto who I don't think I properly commended for his performance last night. His line looks less great than it actually was. He gave the team, essentially, 8 innings of fine pitching last night against one of the better arms in the game. Johnny Damon is just an asshole. Reds rebound today.

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