Thursday, June 23, 2011

Heisey Decides The Reds Win the Nightcap, Reds 10-2

Heisey went long fly three times in game number two last night, prompting a curtain call and a bunch of yelling from the Reds booth. The first two bombs, in the 1st and 3rd, were off Yankee starter Brian Gordon, the third off some guy named Noesi in the 8th. He, Heisey, scored four runs and knocked in five. That individual performance is nearly identical to what the Reds put together as a team in games one and two versus the Janks. So, nice job Chris. I prefer, if I had to choose, offense over no offense.

Gomes also went deep in the second game. He's had a nice month, hitting over .350 in sporadic play. He should probably be in the lineup at Great America. He rakes at home. Cueto was the other big story as he was quite strong and very disrespectful to the opposing batters. Johnny went 7 allowing just two hits. One of the two, Swisher, left the yard accounting for the lone Yankee run during Cueto's tenure. He picked up his 5th win of the season - placing that ERA at a very nice 1.63.

The first game was less exciting, I probably should have addressed it first, get the bad news out first, then leave the reader with a positive perspective, not vice versa. Now everyone will go away disappointed. 'That's right, they were terrible in the first game. Now I have a hard time enjoying the latter win." Anyway, Leake was average. He gave up a couple in the 3rd and then a couple more in the 6th and since the bats couldn't figure out Freddie Garcia, who took a timeship back to about 8 years ago, that was insurmountable. A better throw home from Votto in the 3rd probably prevents Gardner from scoring. But that will happen from time to time and Votto gets quite a bit of rope because he's generally awesome. The Reds' two runs on Freddie came when the Yankee defense, namely Ramiro Pena, did their best to keep the Reds in it. Throwing the ball all over the place, giving the Reds a couple of cheap-os. But the offense took them and deposited them in their pocket only to do little the rest of the game.

Now on to Baltimore who is surprisingly less terrible than years past. I know they have a couple of pretty good arms but they also have Mark Reynolds. He single-handedly drives down the quality of any team. Just brutal. So, the Reds plan three wins in Baltimore followed by three wins in Tampa. That's the natural order of things. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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