Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Reds Already Take Series, Plan to Start Nick Esasky at Shortstop, Reds 3-2

The Reds got another fine starting pitching performance last night, this time from Cueto. Since coming off the DL he has done nothing but pitch well, so it shouldn't surprise anyone. Especially you! Whoever you are. He went 7 strong giving up only a run of the unearned variety in the 1st on a bad throw from Phillips. He struck out 5, walked 1 and allowed just 5 hits. His ERA crept down to 1.68. Though 4 of the 14 runs he's given up this year, so, let's see, roughly a third, have been unearned. The Reds Rocket just likes to throw everything out there to avoid being labeled as biased. He has still been, hands down, the best pitcher in the National League since his return. Or the best one that I can think of without doing any research.

The offense was relatively quiet but that's what happens when you face Kershaw and public enemy number one. They patiently waited for Cardinal-defector Blake Hawkesworth and he was worth the wait even if Votto's go-ahead double was thrown by Scott Elbert. Hawkesworth did the legwork. MacDougal helped out in the 9th, giving Coco a little bit of leeway to make sure he was pointing at the sky even after giving up a run without recording an out. I remain not a huge fan of leadoff walks from the closer but everyone has their own style. That's Coco's - never recording a 1-2-3 inning. At least he shut it down. And even with lower strikeout numbers (26 over 32.1 innings) then he traditionally flashes, he's been good this year. Only 18 hits allowed over those 32 innings to go along with 10 walks. So, maybe I'm a liar after all and should pay closer attention to the end of games because he's closing them out pretty reliably.

Dusty listened to my suggestion of giving Heisey another shot last night. We'll see if he's out there again today. I vote for the yes category. Wood takes the hill and with the way everyone else has been pitching, he appear to be the demotion candidate upon Bailey's return, whenever that is. He's rumored to be making rehab starts in Louisville. Anyone able to confirm a 6'4" asshole walking around Louisville yelling about Bryan Price? Reds! Reds! Reds!

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Bob Loblaw said...

Why, yes, I did see a tall asshole reading the riot act to someone who was, or at least looked like, "Bryan Price" on Preston Street just yesterday. Funny you should mention that.