Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Votto Pretends, Via Photograph, Not to Hate You, Reds 6-4

Reds picked up a nice win last night. Arroyo continued with the recent trend of good starting pitching. And Coco adjusted the current trend regarding ineffective relief pitching in bring the Reds home game number 1 of the series with Los Dodgers. The win brought Arroyo back to one game within .500. He went 7+, which was maybe + too much but still was pretty solid. He gave up 4, walked no one and only gave up 6 hits. He only struck out one but that's not what his game is all about. He's a locator. Arroyo'd been at 2 runs allowed prior to the 8th inning when, as Scully put it, the rabbits got lose on a triple by Tom Gordon Jr.

The offense stopped its homerun fast with Heisey doing some yard work in the 6th. Votto hit the team's second bomb of the day in the 8th with a couple of his good friends on base. That provided the necessary cushion for Coco to throw strikes. That he did, striking out the side (after walking the lead off).

As everyone is aware, the Reds Rocket doesn't question Dusty (whenever I type that sentence I always follow it with a but making the first sentence superfluous) but, maybe it's time for Heisey to get a little more regular time in left. Sure Fred Lewis and Gomes are pretty great but Heisey, at least at this point, appears to be the best option of the three. His defense is strong enough, he has a little pop and he even gets on base via walk once in a while. I'll have to mention that next time I see Dusty, which is frequent. Reds hammer Kershaw again tonight. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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