Thursday, September 9, 2010

Apparently No One Likes Playing at Coors Field, Rockies 9-2

Reds dropped number 4 in a row as the Rockies beat up Arroyo, forcing him out after only a little over 4 innings. By the time he left, Bronson had given up 7 runs and 3 bombs. Not great but he's just saving his good stuff for the playoffs. He's developed a slower breaking pitch that he's not going to throw until the first round.

The offense, after getting out to an early lead on a Votto RBI single, did do a whole lot, other than ground into double plays. 4 in a game is pretty good. I will have to check the Reds record books to see how that ranks. Fortunately, two things occurred, the Cardinals remain unable to beat the Brewers and Travis Wood is pitching today. He's still jacked up after dominating the Cardinals and hitting a bomb in front of Ma and Pa. And he's been drinking green tea all morning. He'll be ready for that 3:10 start. Reds salvage a game and come back home to beat the hell out of the Snakes and Pirates.

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