Monday, September 6, 2010

Reds Take a Little Break from Being Unstoppable, Rocks 10-5

Reds dropped another series to the red bird assholes, but at least took a game this time. Travis Wood was the key, dominating for 7 and hitting his first major league bomb. That guy isn't a bad athlete. Maybe everyone from Arkansas is like that. His parents didn't look too surprised when he went deep.

Ma: 'Hoo boy, Travis just took ol' Wainwright out of the ball field.'
Pa: 'Aw, Ma we seen Travis do that daggum near a hundred times. Go see about getting something fried and something cold and frosty from that food stand."

That's exactly how they talk and you know it. Sandwiched into between the win were two losses. Arroyo pitched pretty well but the offense didn't get much going against Jaime on Friday. Homeboy had a lead in the 6th before he allowed a double to Jay, the management opted to walk Pujols, then Holliday made the game not-tied byway of a long fly to center. The Reds hate hitting against Carpenter, so Bailey was lucky to get the two runs he got.

Today, the offense jumped on Ubaldo, providing Harang with a brief 4-0 lead. Big Ugly followed up the receipt of his lead by walking the opposing pitcher, giving up a bunch of hits, then hitting the comically oversized showers. It just serves to further ostracize the giant man. There is some speculation that, and I'm sure that's all it is, that after a few bad rehab starts and a couple pretty bad major league starts (though he was only charged with the one run against the terrible Cubs) that maybe he doesn't need to be making any more starts down the stretch. They only have a 6 game lead after all. Volquez has apparently remembered how to hit the strike zone down in A, so perhaps he is interested in reappearing in a fancier uniform.

Reds bounce back tomorrow and take the rest of the games in Colorado. No way the NL Central lead gets any closer than 6 games.

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