Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chapman Continues His Dominance of American Beisbol, Reds 6-1

The Reds fired up the broomobile again, taking the third and final game of the series with the Brewers. Tonight it was at the expense of Big Frucking Nasty who turned a 1-0 lead into a 6-1 deficit. Not too bad. He never did like pitching at GAB, which was a bit of an impediment while he was with the Reds.

Cueto pitched a strong 6, giving up a lone run on a single by the pitcher, Narveson. But, he didn't factor in the win as the offense was focused on getting Chapman's first W out of the way. After his dominating 7th, the offense 'sploded. Cairo tied things up with a double into the gap and Hanigan put the Reds up for good with a monster bomb to left. He letting his 5 homers do the speaking for him. Rolen wrapped up the scoring with a two run single to right. Just another night at the ballpark, Reds dominate.

The crowd appears to have adopted Chapman and his super human velocity. The Reds Rocket is relatively certain that he will continue to make all batters look foolish as the Reds trot towards the post season. Masset and Coco followed Chapman and both added scoreless innings. The bullpen is really taking form. Masset has returned to where he was last year, getting everybody out with that big, heavy fastball. So, looks like there is no reason for me to turn the game off after the starter exits and hope that when I turn it back on the bullpen will have not imploded. Everyone can watch, real relaxed-like.

Last big series of the season coming up in St. Louis starting on Friday. Even if the Reds are swept again, which seems pretty improbable, even with the lack of outfielders, the lead is still 5 with few games remaining. Arroyo gets another shot at Jaime Garcia tomorrow. Cardinals fans don't even need to bother showing up, your team has quit on you and LaRussa is already talking like he's ready to hit the road. Save yourself the disappointment. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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