Monday, September 27, 2010

Reds Continue to Take 'Er Easy on Way to Playoffs, Reds 12-2

The Reds exhibited no real urgency over the weekend in their last series with a realistic playoff contender. The Reds are already in, so were content to let Miguel Tejada pump his fist like he just bid correctly on a pair of surf boards on the Price is Right. He was fired up after Masset refused to throw strikes until he had to. However, you simply cannot walk David Eckstein ever. That's a free out. Regardless, the Reds dropped the first two games, big deal. Magic number is down to 1.

The Reds actually made some national news Friday with Chapman hitting 105 on the radar gun. That is pretty fast and doesn't seem like something that human arms should be able to do, especially with such a relaxed throwing motion. I was going to say he should be rewarded with a Cuban sandwich but do you think that Cubans actually like Cuban sandwiches or it's just an Americanized version of something local? Tough to say. When I get that interview scheduled with Aroldis, I'll have to remember to ask him. "What a scoop, Cubans do like Cuban sandwiches."

Yesterday the team looked quite a bit better. Bailey pitched well enough to earn his 4th win of the season and the offense took two games worth of frustration out of Clayton Richard. Votto did some yard work for the 37th time this year. I know Carlos Gonzalez's numbers are outstanding and Votto, because he hates all members of the media, is not very nice to interviewers but this should really be his MVP. Phillips also hit a bomb out of the 7 hole yesterday. Maybe he's starting to turn things around. He's had a tough month, how about giving him a couple of days off? Or maybe he wants to be in there ruining his stat line. Reds wrap the division up in a nice little package starting tomorrow. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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