Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bruuuuuucce! Reds In the Playoffs for the First Time in 15 Years

The fine people at Getty Images, in case there was any question as to who owned the above image, got a pretty good shot of Jay Bruce post-game winning swing last night. You can tell my the reaction of the fans behind him that there was little doubt about where that ball was heading. Old Ray Jay, who killed an earlier rally with a bases loaded double play, took the first pitch from Tim Byrdak, one of the tougher lefties, at least on other lefties, and deposited it over the center field wall for a walk-off, playoff-clinching home run. Pretty exciting Ray. Last time he hit a walk-off, you'll recall, he had to take a couple of weeks off with an abdominal issue brought on by the beating his teammates gave him, or something wholly unrelated. Hopefully that isn't the case this time, though he will have a few games to relax and recuperate.

The Reds Rocket's yearly prediction of the Reds winning the Central, though they did underachieve my prediction of 159-3, comes true. No surprise there. I think if you ask a consensus of sports-media they would agree that the Reds winning the division was a virtual certainty. Everyone knew this was the year the wheels fell off of the Cardinals broken down Winnebago. And the rest of the Central? Come on, get serious. So, the Reds get to play in October and not just those final two games against the Brewers. And Dusty Baker takes his third team to the playoffs. I'm sure that's also what everyone expected when he was hired. Not just a lot of stress on young arms, a preference towards useless veterans and an inability to comprehend statistics other than batting average and runs batted in. Big day for everyone.


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