Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reds Follow Volquez At Reasonable Pace to Victory, Reds 4-3

It is very rare that I can use a un-photoshopped photo to work into my title. But look at this, Volquez leading the lines of Reds running, just like last night how he was figuratively leading them to victory. Pretty, pretty clever. If you look close, you can even see Coco who tried to snatch the victory away from Edinson , despite his fine 8 innings. Nice try Coco but you're going to have to stay put on your 6 victories.

Volquez was lights out last night. Looks like he enjoyed his trip to A ball, or hated it and never wants to go back. Since his recall, he's received an honorary doctorate in filthology. The Brewers were no match for him last night, or more accurately, the Reds middle infield. Four double plays turned is pretty good. Once the Reds are officially in the post season, he is making a strong case to start Game 1.

The offense began with the bat of Jim Edmunds, who after going yard, promptly broke down again. He forgot to drink his ensure before the game which would have kept him active at this late stage in his life. Actually, according to the Reds' home site he may have torn his achilles rounding the bases in homer trot mode. I cannot think of very many other times that has happened. Perhaps some of the loyal readers can find a graphic of some sort regarding player injuries during home run trots. After Edmunds' bomb, it was a Rolen RBI single and Cairo double which capped the scoring. Big Frucking Nasty Todd Coffey entered in the 6th and struck out both Volquez, which is a major achievement, and Phillips with the bases loaded. B. Phill seemed to enjoy reuniting with his old gingery friend.

Magical number down to 4. Playoffs are getting pretty close. You Reds fans had better order your Dusty Baker commemorative tooth picks before supplies run out. Cueto dominates today. Reds! Reds! Reds!

Additionally, DevilsAdvocate was nice enough to answer my question I was too lazy to answer yesterday regarding the direction of Drew Stubbs' home runs. Please enjoy:

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