Thursday, August 18, 2011

At Least Cueto Pitches Every Fifth Day, Reds Win 2-1

And it's also fortunate that he is very photogenic because he is oftentimes the only character worthy of me having a possible copyright infringement case brought against me. The picture to the right captures him one pitch into the 9th inning last night. That one pitch was deposited over the fence by Ryan Zimmerman prompting the old slow walk from Dusty. Good thing he has on those turf shoes or that walk would be pretty miserable. It's hard to tell from his expression whether Cueto agreed or disagreed with the decision. I'd say after about 4 batters with Coco he would have voted disagree. But, as you already know, the three outs eventually came and the 2 runs scored by the offense held up.

The offense was quiet last night, Votto went deep early and Hernandez drove in Bruce with a groundout in the 8th. They had a couple opportunities but didn't want to embarrass anyone. That's what Dusty preaches, these guys are your peers. 'Jay Bruce, sure you're up there with the bases loaded and Ross Detwiler on the mound, who is terrible, but let's give the kid a break out there.' And he did, Bruce k'd on three pitches, looking like he's never held a bat before. That's the important thing to remember, especially when you're looking at a double-digit deficit in late August and half your team is on the DL, there are more important things than baseball. Dusty understands that and does his best to impart such knowledge to those under his reign. He's a big picture guy. I, however, am a little picture guy and am quite pleased with the win last night in spite of everything else operating against the Reds. Arroyo begins an extended stretch of dominance this evening. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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