Thursday, August 25, 2011

Reds Eat Half a Fish Dinner, Win Second 3-2

That photo of Joey Jo-Jo can't be beat. Looks as if he encountered a herd of media members. 'Okay, turn on one word answer mode.' Despite his occasional cold personality, it has not infiltrated his game. Joey continued his recent tear during both games 1 and 2 against the Fish yesterday. In game one, which was attended by an amazing estimated 320 people, Votto went 2 for 3 with a walk, a bomb and two driven in. In game 2, he went 3 for 4 with a bomb and two driven in. Over the last 10, chosen because it's a nice round number, Votto went yard 5 times, scored 10, drove in 12 and raised his average 10 points (from .318 to .328). Pretty nice week and a half.

On to non-Votto related news, the bullpen meltdown led to a loss in the first game. Bailey pitched well enough but Jose Jopez shouldn't get on base much less be allowed to circle them after hitting a ball out of the park. He, Homeboy, ended up going 7, allowing three. He did get a couple of hits, including a double, which is pretty neat. Arredondo started the Marlins' rally with Bray contributing. Frazier's bomb with Stubbs on in the 9th made it close but that's where it ended, Reds with one fewer run than the Marlins, 6-5. Game 2 was better. Arroyo pitched a very strong 8 innings, allowing no runs and tossing out some premium grade salad. Cordero made it tight in the 9th, by allowing a couple of Marlins run, but eventually settled down and ended the trip prior to the hurricane arriving to wash Mr. Redleg's comically over-sized head out to sea.

The Reds return home to entertain the Nationals tomorrow. They have some big things planned, number 1 on the list is getting Dontrelle Willis his first win of the year. He really has pitched well enough to have at a win in his 8 tries but the team has been resistant. They remain Volquez supporters, not wanting to hand out wins to people until they verify loyalty. I'm in favor of acceptance of Willis, we'll see if anyone else agrees.

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