Monday, August 15, 2011

My Apologies To the Many Disappointed Chimps

For those of you who have noticed my absence, my apologies. Fortunately, there are few on that list. The Reds Rocket had some travel come up, Las Cruces, New Mexico followed by Vancouver, B.C. All in the name of the spreading the good word regarding the Reds. Everyone seemed very receptive, especially the polite hipsters in Vancouver. Sure, they're wearing tight jeans but they like hearing about Jay Bruce's recent hot streak.

Since signing off for the past week, the Reds turned in some better play. They took the last two from the Rocks and two of three from the Padres. Nationals up next, so expect some continued fine play. Bruce has been red hot, as everyone has come to expect. Every other month he simply scorches the ball. 10 for his last 17 with 4 bombs. He likes to get all of his production done in a very short period of time, then he can relax the rest of the season.

Some bad news yesterday as the D. Train was pulled out of service after a short outing with some forearm soreness. He plans to make his next start, though, at least as far as I know, he's not a doctor. He does have a naturopathic degree but we all know that's just a degree in baloney. He'll apply some herbs and focus on forcing the soreness out of muscles. Travis Wood, who made a welcome reappearance from AAA, threw an inning of relief yesterday, in his new role. He is probably in line to get the next start, if Dontrelle's high leg kick can't make it.

Three other points, before I sign off: Cozart underwent Tommy John, which isn't great. I guess we'll see him in in 12-18 months. Tough break as he was showing a little bit at the big league level. Would have been nice to see what he did once the league opened a chapter about him. Secondly, the Reds signed their top pick Robert Stephenson. We'll refer to him as Mr. Stephenson and make him a celebratory martini. He made the right decision, I suspect the $2 million signing bonus made it a little easier. Finally, and not necessarily significant, Arroyo passed through waivers. I'm sure there are other Reds who are remaining secret, but waiver period deals are always interesting to watch. With the new deal he inked in the off-season, little chance he's going anywhere. His yearlong struggles may also impact the market.

So, there you go. Nothing new and no real excuse for my absence. I'll talk with you tomorrow.

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