Thursday, August 4, 2011

What Now? Reds lose to Astros

The photo pictured to the right shows the climax of the Reds series in Houston. Willis' homer, which was pretty sweet, gave the Reds a 3-2 lead heading into the 7th. After hitting the bomb, Willis was removed and Masset announced that the Reds are not above playing down to any team. Nicky boy promptly put a couple runners on and surrendered a two-run double one of the Astros whose names are all unfamiliar to me. J.D. something. Or maybe it was T.J. Who can keep these things straight. The Reds added a run in the 9th but by that time were down two, so it didn't really help things.

The team moves on two Chicago where the expectation of a sweep over a bad team may not be quite as automatic as we all would like. The Cubs are pretty bad but not as bad as Houston and Cincinnati lost two of three in Houston. I'm still waiting for that 10-game winning streak but everything seems to point to it not coming along. Fortunately, the Reds like to keep things loose and unpredictable. I think they've got a couple quality wins up their collective sleeve.

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