Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Reds Have a Little Trouble with the Fielding Portion of Their Brains, Nats 6-4

Any time the staff sees Alonso penciled into the starting lineup out in left, they have to prepare for the worst, because he brings it on a semi-regular basis. I couldn't locate a picture of him floundering around in left, only at first, so, this isn't really representative of the point I'm trying to make. Next time I'll find a picture of a flounder or school of flounder since they are, presumably, the best at floundering. Anyway, enough with the complaints about his terrible outfield defense, he's hitting .435 and, at least in the limited amounts I've seen, isn't barf-inducing at first. So, there's a chance he can acquire some skill out there. And last night it wasn't just him, Bruce took a bad step in the first (by the way have you seen his defensive WAR this year? He is, according to the nerds with their computers, costing the Reds, over the course of the season, one win more than a replacement level player) and the ball got over his head leading to the Reds' 2-0 lead quickly being erased. So, the problems appear to be spreading.

Leake wasn't quite as strong last night as we've seen him for the majority of the season. Maybe it was due to the Wang v. Leake match-up. He likes being the only one dick or urine jokes can be made about. He ended up going 6 but giving up 6 (5 earned). Votto's error cost him a run. On to the increasing injury front, Renteria shredded his groin and will probably need to take a couple days off. I'm not sure who gets the call if he can't go. Janish probably can't play every inning for the rest of the year. Valaika, I guess, though he's proven he has a little trouble with the bat in addition to a little trouble at the shortstop position. I know Frazier played some short at the lower levels but that was several years ago. Maybe everyone finally gets to see B. Phill show what he can do. Or, Maybe Renteria has a very strong groin and will be back in there tomorrow. I'm pretty sure my groin would be ready to go.

Cueto gets another chance to pile up some innings so the ERA leaders board will reflect his fine season. He's remained solid and no reason to expect anything less from a suspect Nationals lineup. I'm pretty sure they turn things around tonight. Ross Detwiler is brutal.

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