Monday, August 8, 2011

Bill Bray's Goatee Says Reds Lose, Rockies 10-7

As I alluded to yesterday, the guys at the tail end of the bullpen look as if they may be a little on the tired side. Taking the 30 seconds necessary to quantify that statement, adding today's performances, Bray has pitched in 60 games (totaling 38 innings), Masset 59 games (55 innings) and Ondrusek 56 (with 51 innings pitched). Coco's made an appearance in 46 games, Chapman 35 and Arredondo 32. Crosschecking that against the league leaders and workload of other bullpens seems like too much work for someone this lazy, so, I'll just conclusively state that that seems like a lot of games and innings. I'll wait for someone more dedicated and/or intelligent to present the correlation between heavy inning loads and poor performance. But, based upon the last week or so, sure seems like there's a pattern.

The Reds showed plenty of offense upon their return home but if you're going to give up 10 runs, that's a tough spread to cover. The featured offensive players include Jay Bruce, who may be recalling how to swing the bat, going deep and driving in 4, Stubbs who also went yard and B. Phill, bad ankle and all, coming off the bench and depositing a pitch over the wall. Votto did his part, drawing 3 walks in 4 at bats. However, Bailey, sticking with his recent pattern of being terrible after a good start, was terrible. He only lasted 3, giving up 5, four of which came on two Seth Smith bombs. The bullpen asked just one thing of him prior to the game, that he refill the toilet paper in the plush Reds clubhouse bathroom after using the last of it. He did that but didn't live up to his implied bargain with the rest of the staff, to pitch effectively late in the game. The bullpen is very passive aggressive.

After Homeboy quickly showered and peeled out of the parking lot, LeCure was ineffective, Bray was ineffective and Masset was ineffective. For the first time I remember saying this, Arredondo was the lone effective reliever. He went 2 and gave up 0 runs, which is an improvement over what the rest of the jabronies had to offer. LeCure made the 6-5 Reds lead vanish. Poof! Then Bray volunteered to break the 7-7 tie. The Reds don't have time for any more extra inning games. At least until September when a flurry of moves results in 15 more relievers getting the call up to the big club. That should help things out.

The Reds have three more chances to play well against Colorado. I think they will take advantage of all three. No reason, based upon their recent performance, not to believe that.

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