Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Reds Reject Astros Many Offers to Allow Them To Win Game, A-holes 4-3

The Reds went 3 for 17 yesterday with runners in scoring position, which isn't an ideal performance. They actually had runners at 3rd with fewer than 2 outs three times. They scored one of those three times but it was when Bruce grounded into a double play with no outs. All of it led up to Ondrusek looking very sad, and a little bit homeless about the face area, on the mound as the terrible Astros team celebrated at home plate.

The winning run was preceded by two singles (one on a hit and run) by the Astros and then a walk to load the bases. When some guy name Jose Altuve, who I think works in the marketing department but had to put on a uniform when Houston ran out of players, lined a ball up the middle, Phillips dove, knocked it down and threw home. Hanigan, who's apparently not used to stretching his leg and catching the ball at the same time, dropped the throw and the game finally ended.

Of positive note, Arroyo showed that he can get people out, assuming those people are named: Luis Durango, Jose Altuve, (three-hole hitter) Jason Bourgeois, the walking corpse of Carlos Lee, J.D. Martinez, Clint Barmes, Jimmy Paredes and Humberto Quintero. Bronson went 8 and actually allowed three runs to these clowns. Still, that should have been sufficient to send the Reds on their way but turned out it wasn't. I suppose Dusty had some words of encouragement after the game for everyone. Homer hits the mound today with the goal of being less awful than he was last time. I think he can do it.

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