Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cabrera Decides That Reds Win Series, Reds 5-4

Apparently the new team strategy is to take every game to extra innings because we all know that the Reds don't lose in extras. Yesterday, after Coco blew the save, O. Cab walked things off with a bomb down the left field line of Pedro Feliciano. For someone with such an impressive sounding name, Feliciano was very unimpressive. And Cabrera treated him with much disrespect.

The offense piled up 12 hits over 5 innings against Jon Neise. Two of those hits, by Phillips and Gomes, left the yard. Then they took a little break, for about 4 innings. They deserved it after all of that activity. But Cueto, with the exception of the 3rd inning where he gave up singles to Gary Matthews (.143) and Henry Blanco (characterized by a career of impotency with the wood stick), then walked Angel Pagan and Alex Cora (.179), pitched reasonably well. He lasted 6, threw 120 pitches and was in line for the victory. Masset even added a dominant inning to the two he threw during Monday's win. But old Coco proved to be unreliable and allowed Frank Catalanotto of all people to reach and score the tying run. Fortunately he has good friends like Cabrera to bail him out.

The Cubs roll into town tomorrow, fresh off losing the series to Pittsburgh. You have to be really bad to lose multiple games in a row to Pittsburgh, or a young team who happened to have three consecutive very poor games combined with timely ineffectiveness from the starting staff. The Reds may fall into the latter category. Regardless, Cubs are dead meat. Sucker. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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