Thursday, May 20, 2010

Six Runs Are Apparently Inadequate Advantage to Record Three Outs, Braves 10-9

The picture of Coco, to my knowledge, isn't contemporary, accurately sums up the series in Atlanta. After Heisey, on the Charles Atlas workout program utilizing dynamic tension thus creating a beast of a man, tied things up with a rocket shot to left off B. Wag in the 9th yesterday, Masset promptly missed location and surrendered the game winner to Brandon Heyward, the Reds followed things up with fabulous meltdown today. Up 9-3 entering the 9th, Lincoln, after two fine innings, got no one out and put plenty of runners on base, so Masset entered, and also recorded a solid no outs. Arty Rhodes came on to strike out Heyward with the bases loaded so Ol' Skip brought on closer extraordinaire Coco to get the two big fat final outs. Coco did the opposite, giving up a grand slam off the glove of Nix to some guy and the Reds went home uphappy on the wrong end of a 10-9 decision. So, for those of you keeping score at home, that was 7 runs in the 9th inning to a team which has underachieved thus far this season.

It's too bad, because the offense looked real good for one inning. Lighting up Tommy Hanson for 8 in the 2nd. Votto had the big one with a bomb to left center with the bases full on a 3-1 grooved fastball. But, there were other problems leading up to the 9th inning implosion. The Reds committed two errors, one by Leake who otherwise probably deserved win number 5, and then two more in the 9th with a third possibly deserved when Cabrera couldn't come up with a potential double play ball. Hopefully, the Reds got all of the awful play out of their system today, so we can go back to seeing the team we have learned to love in the upcoming series with the cure-all for poor play, the Indians. With the loss, the Reds fell out of first place for the first time in four days. Tough break guys, I guess you just can't have a team-wide loss of all ability, even if it's only for one inning against the Savages. I hope you all learned something today.

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