Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Harang Demonstrates Athleticism, Reds Victorious 7-5

Reds got another opportunity to beat on the Pirates last night and took advantage of it. Drew Stubbs had 3 (?), that's right 3 hits, including a homer and a double, in support of the offense. Harang pitched relatively well and received his third win of the year. He, Harangutan, also singled in a run with two outs in the big 4th inning. The big news was to follow as Cabrera doubled to the wall in left center with Harang on first. The beast of a man was waived in from third and, though the throw was on line and Phillips was signaling for him to not only slide but towards the first base side, Harang knew it wasn't necessary. He run threw the base understanding the the time it takes to slide creates a negligible advantage for the runner, if at all. He touched the plate before Ryan Doumit could apply the tag. He then entertained the team in the dugout with his beautiful falsetto singing. It was an all-around good night to the handsomest man in the league.

The Reds also said hello to Enerio Del Rosario who made his major league debut out of the pen in the 7th. Unfortunately, he fooled Ryan Hanigan when he hit the glove with an offspeed pitch, striking out McCutchen but allowing him to reach on a past ball. So, Elias, do your research. When was the last time a pitcher made his major league debut, struck out a batter but was credited with recording no outs? The Reds Rocket statistical computing machine is on the fritz, or I'd just answer that for everyone right now. That and I have far more important things to do like sit here and try and think of something clever to write. It's just not coming, so I'll wrap it up. Leake on the hill again today going after win numero 5. The Reds Rocket predicts his chances in the range of fair to overwhelming. It's a wide range. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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