Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Leake Looking Great, Feeling Great, Reds Still Lose, Pirates 2-1

Leake turned in another quality start last night, further reducing his ERA but, as with the Atlanta meltdown, received little for his efforts. He actually left trailing, which doesn't happen very often, when Stubbs was blinded by the beauty of Aki Iwamura and couldn't locate the otherwise routine fly ball in the 8th. It happens, however, it resulted in the first run of the game. The Reds tied things up on a Phillips bomb to left center but Masset wasn't interested in another extra inning game. He grooved one to Ryan Doumit and his black eyes, and that provided the winning margin. So, I'm going to have to file the broom artwork I was working on in anticipation of the sweep. Astros maybe.

For some reason, the Reds really struggle with Paul Maholm who, apparently, is good friends with Cowboy Jeff Brantley. That's where the advantage comes from. Brantley has him on the same power diet, at least 8 scoops of ice cream daily. That will pay off and appears to have done so at least against Cincinnati. At least, we get to see Arroyo tonight and the offense loves supporting him especially against people named Ohlendorf.  I think it's because he has that boat and, since he knows a lot of Jack Johnson songs, there are always women around for the players to impress with their machismo.

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