Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Scott Rolen Will Give You a High Five and You Will Love It, Reds 5-4

The Reds continued with their dismantling of the NL Central with a tidy sweep of the Brewers during the conclusion of the two-game series today. Down two in the 9th, the Reds put together three runs on four hits and didn't even allow Hoffman to record an out with his 75 mph fastball and 40 mph change. Rolen took Hoffman out of the yard on a 1-2 pitch to tie things up and Votto walked them off with a single off the wall in left, marking the 10th win this season in the Reds' final at bat. The team prides themselves on the excitement level late in games.

After starting off poorly, allowing 2 of the 4 runs in the first, Bailey thought about killing and dismembering a variety of woodland creatures, and settled down. He ended up putting up another pretty nice looking start, 7 innings with just the two runs allowed.

Dusty, who sat Rolen today, makes no secret of where he derives his strategic advantage over his managing brethren - he merely eats the ants which live on the day old food in the clubhouse, ingesting not only the sustenance of their body but also the ideas in their brains. House flies also work but it was their idea to buy that motorcycle which just sits outside his mansion. It seemed like a really fun idea at the time. Reds shuffle on down to Hotlanta tomorrow where they begin another two-game set but will undoubtedly receive at least three wins for the ferocity of the beating they have planned for the Braves. The team is hot. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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