Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Reds Lose Game but are Still Winners, Mets 5-4

There were lots of interesting pictures of Mr. Met on the internet, I opted to go with Mr. Met's trip to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy. The doctors actually go in through his oversized head. It's a small incision which will be hid by the stitches of his prior lobotomy.

After taking Monday's game on a skyball walk-off home run by Nix, which I just couldn't find 5 minutes to comment about, Reds dropped yesterday's game but not after first showing a little heart. Votto and Rolen went back to back in the 8th to tie things up before Coco let Rod Barajas be the hero. That should never happen. But it did and Coco is going to have to live with the disappointment.

Additionally, the write up following the game took some issue with Phillips' staunch refusal to run out balls that he thinks are going to leave the yard or going to be caught for routine outs. Sure, had he hustled to 3rd, he would have scored on Votto's sacrifice fly but give the boy a break. If you're hitting bombs, who looks cooler out there - Phillips with his patented lean or Adam Rosales hitting the bags at top speed? The answer is unquestionably Phillips. Dusty understands this, that's why he hasn't taken any punitive action against B. Phill. He'll hustle when it's necessary and it looks sweet.

Reds get to play ball in the morning and early afternoon today, which they enjoy. Gives them plenty of time to make it to Chili's for happy hours. The Reds love eating apps. Reds take series today and everyone is quite pleased.

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