Monday, May 3, 2010

Disappointment Masked Somewhat By Intimidating-Looking Mascot, Cardinals Take Series

Reds lost two of the three in St. Louis over the weekend. Friday, Cueto outpitched Brad Penney and a rain delay to pick up the 3-2 win. Saturday Mike Lincoln was not a helpful cog, walking three, including two with the bases loaded to present the Cardinals with a late inning win (6-3, for those of you who weren't tuned in). And yesterday, Carpenter was a major asshole, yet again, shutting the Reds down for 7, resulting in a 6-0 Cardinals win.

In addition to Cueto's somewhat surprisingly solid 5 innings on Friday, Homeboy was good, three runs over six and two thirds on Saturday. That was good enough for a no decision but his last couple starts have not been quite so vomit inducing. Yesterday, Harang picked up his fourth loss of the season which trails only Charlie Morton for the league lead. Keep up the good work Aaron. Actually, he pitched pretty well too, keeping the Cardinals in a semi-debilitating choke hold for 6 innings. He gave up a bomb to David Frese but otherwise looked pretty good. The team appears to just need Dusty giving everyone a kick in their collective fat asses to get things running again. We can all be confident that the Reds are very good and will even things up with St. Louis later this season.

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