Friday, May 28, 2010

Johnny and Dusty Discuss Wrist Bands, Reds 8-2

The Reds finished out the series with the Pirates yesterday, reminding Charlie Morton that the Braves rarely trade pitchers who turn out to solid Major League Starters. He's currently sporting a 1-9 record with an ERA a shade under 10. At least the Pirates keep running him out there so teams, like the Reds, can take advantage. At least he made it through 2 innings.

Cueto didn't really need all of the offensive support, but appreciated it anyway. By the end of the 4th, the Reds were up 8-0, so all Johhny had to do was throw strikes. He threw plenty, getting some swings and misses and striking out 9 over his 6 innings of shut out ball. The fine performance moves his record to 5-1 with an ERA, estimated by the Reds Rocket statistical department, to be in the mid-3.00s. And he's got blisters on his fingers. Just wait and see how good he looks once the skin on his fingers isn't peeling off.

The offense showcased back to back bombs by Rolen and Bruce in the 1st, Rolen's with a couple of friends on base. Aside from those two bombs, and a opposite field double by Bruce, the Reds were all singles. Miguel Cairo had three more of his own filling in for Votto's sore neck at first.

The Reds welcome another new addition to the team today as Sam LeCure gets to make his debut in the place of Bailey's broke down  shoulder. Sam's been dominating AAA as I've gleaned from reading the recent press releases announcing his scheduled start tonight. I did get a chance to see him in Spring Training, so I can at least pretend to know something about him. Regardless of the scouting report, it's the Astros he's dealing with, so he appears to have lucked out. They're brutal and the Reds are quite good, 8 games over .500 and climbing. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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