Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Astronaut Cats Play Baseball Better Than Human Counterparts, Reds 8-2

The Reds continued their streak towards 162 wins with a solid victory over the A-holes this evening. Everyone chipped in, especially Astro starter J. (forget the A.) Happ, who couldn't find the strike zone and when he could was tossing up salad. Happ walked 5, hit Heisey with the bases loaded and rewarded the offense for the patience with 7 runs before hitting the showers after the 5th. To summarize: B. Phill got on base three times (2 singles and a walk) and scored three runs; Votto doubled and knocked in a run and Heisey knocked in three, with only one coming off a base hit. The other two were gifts from Happ.

Mike Leake made his first start of the season and was solid. He looks like he's been working out, he's up to about 167. He's been hitting the weights, check it out - boosh, boosh, boosh. He went 6 strong, gave up three hits, two runs, had a base hit and scored when good pal Miguel Cairo got a garbage time at bat. Speaking of garbage time, numbers 23 and 24 on the roster both made appearances this evening, Jordan Smith and Matt Baloney in his new role as long reliever/end of games that are out of hand. Both refused the Astros any runs.

Nice all around game as the Reds open up a commanding 1.5 game lead in the Central. It's not too early to start the magic number count down. Reds magic number is 120, or somewhere thereabouts. I don't know. Reds continue to administer beatings of bad teams tomorrow. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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