Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reds Continue to Amaze and Confound, Snakes 3-1

After having a little trouble with location to start the game and, as a consequence, ending up in a 2-0 hole, Arroyo settled in a pitched a fine ball game. He went a shade under 7, struck out 8 and allowed just the 5 hits. At one point he sat down 15 straight and struck out 7 of 10. That's some high-grade salad. Unfortunately, four of the hits he allowed were doubles, the last of which to Ryan Robert, who, the Reds cannot get out. This is simply astounding because every other team and pitcher in the majors gets him out as if that is his role for the Diamondbacks, out factory. And the double by Willie Bloomquist also hurt. I looked up his stats the other day - in  his, Bloomquist's, last season with the Mariners, he had 46 hits and only one was for extra bases. That's right, 45 singles and 1 double for a slugging percentage of .285. His batting average was .279, so, I guess I don't have a point other than I don't care for Willie Bloomquist because his baseball skills are lacking. He could be a perfectly fine human being, unlike Ryan Roberts who has no redeeming characteristics.

As with Roberts, the Reds seem to be the only team who can't figure out Ian Kennedy. That's two very solid pitching performances against the Reds (both wins) for a pitcher who had a 6.88 ERA entering the game. Votto doubled in Stubbs for the only run of the game. The Reds did welcome Jeremy Hermida to the team. He got a start in left and, not wanting to show up the regulars, went a solid 0 for 4 with two ks. The bullpen was good again with Chapman and Coco Cordero, who hasn't pitched in about 10 days, throwing a scoreless 2 and 2/3rds.

So, the goal today for Sticky Fingers Leake is to make it out of the 1st inning without giving up any runs. That has been a recent problem for every member of the rotation. The Reds Rocket is confident he will do so and the Reds will finish the season series with Arizona a solid 2 and 4.

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