Wednesday, April 20, 2011

At Least These are Very Good Teams the Reds are Losing To, D-bags 5-4

Reds didn't look great again last night but, even with four out of five losses to the Pirates and Snakes, are tied for the NL Central lead with the Brewers, who I thought gave up after the first, heartbreaking, game of the year. Of all of the teams the Reds have played (Brewers, Astros, Snakes, Padres and Pirates) how many do you think will have greater than 70 wins at the conclusion of the season? The Reds Rocket thinks probably all five. These are very good teams and the Reds are lucky to have them out of the way early in the year.

I hate to assign blame for losses but I'm pretty sure last night the Reds were undone by substitute radio man Jim Kelch. Sure, Marty hates the Reds like 75% of the time "in all my years in broadcasting, you just have to agree that this is hands-down the most despicable bunch of low-lifes ever to assemble a baseball team." But Kelch is exhausting. "LeCure into the wind up. Hands in glove, glove over his head. Red sleeves hanging slightly below his uniform (loud groan from the crowd in the background) back on his right leg and then down again on his left, ball's released and the Ryan Roberts touches home after hitting his second home run of the day." The action is already occurred before he even considers telling you what just happened. Speaking of Ryan Roberts or, as I've heard him described, Jesse Pinkman, the methhead from Breaking Bad, he is, in fact, a very poor ball player. Fringe-level major league talent, even. But he sure has been chewing up the Reds. After last night's performance which included two bombs and a stolen base, he has now hit three bombs this season against the Reds. His first, you may recall, was the final game of the Reds' series in Arizona when Leake was in the process of blowing his five-run lead. He pumped his fist then got a commemorative tattoo of him pumping his fist. Apparently Leake wasn't the only one who has trouble getting him out. LeCure's mustache had the same problems last night, which is too bad, I like Sam and with Cueto and Homeboy on the mend, apparently, there may not be too many slots on the roster left for him. I guess it depends on what the Reds decide to do with Leake. Looks as if they're sticking with him for now, he's making the start Thursday. Certainly no reason not to and if will give the fans something creative to do with their time. Maybe they can throw price tags at him. Though, even before the (alleged) sneak-thievery, his spot in the rotation was tenuous.

Finally, to last night's game. Phillips returned to the line-up which was bad news for all of you Miguel Cairo fans out there, and I know there are many He had a couple of hits, including a double. Stubbs hit a bomb and stole a base. Gomes hit a double and stole a base. And that sums up the offense. Four hits against Armando Galaraga (I know he pitched one good game in his career last year) and five total is probably not enough, even against the Snakes and their generally crappiness. The bullpen, Bray and Ondrusek, were strong, so that's good. I'll have to take back all of the Bill Bray jokes as he's been excellent. 7.1 innings over 9 games, 8 Ks and no runs allowed. That's solid. And he wears high socks and has a funny delivery. Lots to like there. Reds turn things around today with Arroyo hitting the hill.

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