Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reds Lose? Astros 3-2

Prior to launching into my analysis of the Reds' surprising first loss of the season, the Reds Rocket wishes to thank the good people at Getty Images, as we do every season, for allowing us to borrow a couple of your fine images for use in this blog. I'm sure that Getty has better things to do than shake down an organization whose only assets are two cats and a half box of Cheez-its but your agreement to ignore the possible copyright, we won't say infringement, how about copyright sharing is always appreciated. The image to the left is one of the many glamor shots of Nick Massett available on the website. I think he was going for both relaxed and intense at the same time and I'll tell you what - it worked. Of course, the only reason a relief pitcher gets a picture prominently featured is, the vast majority of the time, because they were shitty in the subject game. Massett wasn't necessarily shitty but he did surrender the game winner to some guy, Matt Downs, I wasn't even existed prior to today. Downs probably, it's impossible to say, plays in the infield somewhere and probably has some interests outside of professional baseball making him a well-rounded individual. Still, he shouldn't be getting any hits of Massett, who is filthy, even on the hanging breaking pitch.

The game featured fewer runs than the Reds had been featuring in previous games. The team waited until the 7th to get their second run, on Rolen's pinch hit bomb. Myers was teaching everyone how to spell retard for 6 innings and looked pretty strong. LeCure, making his first start of the season and second appearance, pitched pretty well. He was able to trick 6 batters into leaving the batter's box without putting the ball in play. That's pretty solid for a guy adhering to the Bronson Arroyo velocity program. I guess he throws a little harder but not much. But just the two runs over 5, not too bad. And that moustache is rock solid. Especially with Homeboy and Cueto rumored to be on the mend. Bailey's been rehabbing by hefting wild hog carcasses up into the family F250 and Cueto's upped his calorie intake to 4500 per day. That's the only way to see results.

As noted, the offense took a breather today, with the exception of Renteria who went 3 for 3. I guess Phillips and Votto also had two hits, so I shouldn't be so hard on the bat swingers. They had plenty of hits, just not very many with people on base. In fact, the Reds had two on in the 9th when the un-outable Ramon Hernandez pinch-hit for Massett. However, there were also two outs and Hernandez's grounder to made three. Brandon Lyon will not be so lucky next time. He's already making a strong case to be removed from the closer's role. Actually, the 8 years prior make the case for him. But, for today he can go home and dream about not being a terrible pitcher and person.

As I'm sure everyone knows, the Reds beat it on down the line after the game all the way to Arizona where they will begin their first road swing of the season. The Reds Rocket was lucky enough to find tickets for all three games which, of course, are nowhere close to sold out. The fan base here is nothing if not loyal and, I guess, tan. Everyone is quite tan. Last year there was an Edinson Volquez look-a-like in the crowd, hopefully he makes the trip again. I'll see if I can get a picture with him or her. I'll keep you posted. Let me know if you'd like me to mail you a hot dog covered with bacon and macaroni and cheese, which is the Chase Field specialty. It tastes an awful lot like crippling heartburn. See you at the game.

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GO REDS! Wire-to-wire this year. World Series Champs as well. Come check out my blog, and tell me what you think if you don't mind to.