Sunday, April 10, 2011

Reds Trip to Arizona Less Great Than Expected, Snakes 10-8

Things didn't start or end well for the Reds in Arizona battling a team that featured Willie Bloomquist leading off (and being not totally ineffective) even when the person he was replacing, which provided the lone basis for being in the lineup (an injured Steve Drew), returned to the lineup. Despite the additional, unnecessary, Bloomquist, the Reds refused to take the free outs and handed over a couple of games. Sure it was the first road trip of the year and Arizona's first home stand where the fans aren't quite resigned to being 40 games under .500 but Masset should probably be able to record a couple of outs in the 8th. And Leake and Wood, wha' happened? The excuse, according to Leake, is that the Diamondbacks are just too terrible to consider a threat. So, he turned a five-run lead into a one-run deficit. Granted, most of those 5 runs were gifts by way of Joe Saunders' inability to find the strike zone. But, Ryan Roberts' tattoos are even embarrassed to be seen on Ryan Roberts. That's some pretty good shtick, the Reds Rocket is going to have to remember this post. Jake the Snake should make it pretty easy. That's a nice-looking snake.

Focusing on game two, which featured some nice Arroyo pitching and a late game meltdown (complete with error by pitcher leading to additional runs and outs) that was all right. So, we'll focus on that. Nice win over an overmatched team. Votto, also, deserves some additional recognition for having a fine series. And Jonny Gomes now has about 15 walks and added a bomb to his tally. I recall some rumblings in Cincinnati over low batting average from a few years ago when a big, donkey-like creature was roaming left field, so, Jonny, as I know you read this, might want to consider getting that batting average up, if you care about the fan-bases' opinion of you. Phills' still swinging a hot bat, Renteria had more hits today, so once the pitching situation is straightened out, should be a-okay. A few less strike outs from the young outfielders from Texas would also be requested. But these are all just on the Reds Rocket's wishlist, feel free to disregard or we'll just be spoiled. Just like that Stones song where Mick says something about a memo from Turner, whoever that was. Padres suffer the unparalleled rage of the Reds tomorrow. They have been warned accordingly.

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