Friday, April 15, 2011

Bullpen's a Minor Issue, Reds Fall Short of Sweep - Pads 3-2

The Reds Rocket was making its high speed return from Guthrie, Oklahoma last night, so didn't get to write about about the latest in a line of minor late inning meltdowns spearheaded by one Nick Masset. It's like he's leading a revolt. At least I'm spelling it with just the one 't' now. Maybe that was the problem, typographical errors.

Wood was rock solid through 6 and 2/3rds, giving up just the one run, which came at the tail end of his game. He loaded the bases, allowed a ball sack fly, then gave way to Jordan Smith who put out the fire, as they say. Wood's line featured 5 k's over the course of recording 20 outs, 3 walks and just 5 hits to a very powerful Padres offense which utilized, not only consistently underwhelming Cameron Maybin leading off, but Jason Bartlett in the two hole and Rob Johnson behind the plate. Johnson can flat out rake but is from Butte, Montana so will be happy to beat anyone's ass just for not having red hair. There's a large Irish population in Butte which, interestingly, is currently experiencing a potato famine. Johnson, for the record, does not have red hair but that's the basis of that mean streak. Anyway, back to the ball game. Chapman had a couple of issues in the 8th, namely a walk and throwing error. He ended up erasing the erred runner with a nice play on a bunt but Masset made sure that runner on 1st made his way around. Then opted for the same course of action in the 9th, allowing Orlando Hudson to beat him. But, with the two wins in San Diego, that evens up the road trip, which is not too bad. Especially with the level of competition. I think Arizona and the Priests can combine to lose 180 games this year. You have to have goals.

The offense was quiet, so I'll gloss over them. It's a method of motivation. And they will need that additional motivation against Pittsburgh against whom Dusty has already guaranteed a sweep or he'll let Lyle Overbay marry his daughter. Lyle is a cool name but doesn't isn't interested in a singles-hitting first baseman coming over for the annual Dusty Day brunch every August 29th. Fortunately, Pittsburgh has generously offered to be horrible again this year, to the benefit of all teams in the Central. Reds looks forward to my pirate references following significant victories.

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