Monday, April 25, 2011

The Reds Know a Little About Beating the Brewers, Reds 9-5

With the recent string of subtastic play, the Reds returned to the place where victory is more or less assured - Milwaukee. For whatever reason, the Brew Crew has no idea what to do with Cincinnati. Narveson couldn't get anyone out, though it's a surprise that he can ever get anyone out, and the offense wasn't doing anything, at least until Arroyo was out of the game and the game was out of hand. Which is exactly how Dusty drew it up - "the key to victory, son, is both hitting and pitching better than the opposition." He drew some x's and o's on the chalk board just to drive the point home to the players.

The line-up was reorganized, Bruce bounced up to 2 and Phillips down to 4. Apparently, at least according to George Grande, there is some benefit to hitting in front of the reigning MVP. Bruce benefited today, hitting a bomb, in addition to a steal and a couple of runs. Phill and Stubbs each had 3 hits, Phillips had an RBI to go along with each hit. In fact all Janish-Yanish starters had a hit. Paul's still hitting .265, which is probably a little higher than he'll finish the season. So, it's okay to skip the hits that even the pitchers are picking up.

Leake hits the hill tomorrow as the Reds move toward taking the series. Aside from a general lack of knowledge regarding the rules of society, he's been adequate thus far. The Reds Rocket expects more adequacity tomorrow. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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