Wednesday, April 13, 2011

San Diego is a Nice Town for Beating on Priests, Reds 8-2

After completing their time in Arizona, the Reds made their lone journey to San Diego beginning Monday. Volquez, who, apparently, doesn't do anything other than watch re-runs of Perfect Strangers to warm up before games, was shaky in the 1st again. He gave up a couple of runs but it turned out that's all he gave them. He hit the bricks following the 6th with a sore big toe, which seems important, though I have read little mention of it. Anyway, the cowardly Padres did nothing the rest of the game, and though Mat Latos (whose parents shopped at the same "reduced price due to moderate imperfection" name store as Jonny Gomes - "Hmmm, you're saying that 'Mat' is half price. I suppose the second 't' is decorative anyway") was strong, he was not strong enough. Gomes hit a bomb, numero three, and Heisey gave the team the lead with a two-run variety. That was all the team needed, especially since Masset didn't pitch that day. Coco, who has been receiving warm compliments from everyone, shut things down.

Though, there was more excitement second verse, same as the first. LeCure was even stronger than Volquez, going 6, striking out 8 and allowing just the one hit. He was generating a lot of movement and, thus, generating a lot of swings and misses. Which is positive. That moustache continues to impress. He looks like he could be fit in, assuming he wears his throwback basketball jersey (Adrian Dantley anyone?), some tight jeans, a pair of fans, in Portland running some sort of free trade bakery or bicycle repair. Portland, as the song goes, is where young people go to retire. Sam fits the profile. But, until then, he's welcome in the rotation with everyone other than Nick Masset. Masset, in his third ineffective outing in a row, gave away the lead in the 8th. I'm sure everyone remembers these problems from last year, where he had to fight all season to get that ERA down. Looks like he enjoyed the challenge and is going to do it again this year as there certainly don't appear to be any problems other than location. He's throwing just as hard and his breaking stuff looks to be snapping, at least from the perspective of my couch, observing with my untrained eye. Bryan Price plans to utilize his post game hot tub invitation regimen to work him out of the funk. "Nick, I said put on your swim suit and get in the hot tub!" Anyway, the team, as opposed to Sunday in Arizona, bailed him out. Phillips made a fine play with the bare hand to save the go-ahead in the 8th and then the team 'sploded in the 11th. Hanigan knocked in Gomes for the lead. Renteria and Heisey followed with RBI singles and Stubbs sent everyone towards the exits with a three-run bomb to center. When he isn't swinging and missing at everything, Stubbs is a nice guy to have around.

The team heads towards the sweep in about a half hour. They prefer day games so then they can catch the prime time line-up on the plane home. Dusty never misses America's Next Top Model and who can blame him. That's a talented group of gals. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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